United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Stedin Group contributes to attaining several of the goals defined by the United Nations in order to end poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030: the Sustainable Development Goals. Below, we describe our efforts to contribute to achieving the goals on which we have an impact.



Application to Stedin and subtargets of the SDGs

Strategic spearhead/Material topic

Energy is essential for almost all major challenges and opportunities in today’s world.

Via our grids, we offer our customers energy, including renewable energy, to live, work and do business. We achieved supply reliability of 99.9959% in 2022. (SDG 7.2). We are working with our stakeholders on facilitating the energy transition and on innovations that are necessary for a future-proof grid that will remain affordable and reliable. To that end, we are, for example, examining the possibilities for heating homes with sustainable gases and hydrogen (SDG 7.1).

Improved grid management, Facilitating the energy transition, Sustainable business operations /Supply security, Affordable and efficient services, Customer satisfaction, Stakeholder dialogue and environment, Smart grids, data technology and innovation, Safety, security and cybersecurity

Our employees are the heart of our organisation. They ensure a reliable energy supply each and every day. We provide a safe working environment with plenty of opportunities for development.

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities, long-term employability and a workforce that reflects society at large. We do this, for instance, through our focus on projects for people with an occupational impairment (SDG 8.5). In our purchasing policy, we assume responsibility with regard to human rights, ethics and labour laws. Our supplier code of conduct is based on OECD guidelines, for example. The safety of our employees and the local community is our top priority (SDG 8.8).

Sustainable business operations / Good employment practice
Impact on people and planet, Safety, security and cybersecurity,Integrity

Investments in infrastructure are crucial to making sustainable development possible.

Stedin Group is working on facilitating the energy transition and has a facilitating role in the sustainable development of, for instance, the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Zeeland as well as major industry in our coverage area. In 2022, we invested €712 million in our grids (SDG 9.1).

Facilitating the energy transition, Improved grid management Stakeholder dialogue and environmentInvestments in our grids

The cities and communities of the future must offer opportunities to everyone through innovation and progress, including access to basic facilities such as energy.

Stedin Group helps ensure pleasant and sustainable urban environments by building and maintaining networks. We contribute to increasing the sustainability of the built environment through our role in the Regional Energy Strategies and the heat transition (SDG 11.6), for example. Stedin Group is committed to the goals set out in the Climate Agreement and works to achieve them with its stakeholders (SDG 11.1; SDG 11.2).

Sustainable business operations, Facilitating the energy transition / Supply security

Stakeholder dialogue and environment

Sustainable consumption and production means saving raw materials and energy, sustainable infrastructure, appropriate labour practices and a higher quality of life for everyone.

Stedin Group devises and implements solutions to reduce its own energy consumption as well as to improve the sustainability of our grid. For example, through electrification of the large vehicle fleet and by reducing network losses (SDG 12.2). These solutions include intelligently balancing supply and demand as well as combating wastage. This increases the circularity of our assets (SDG 12.4; SDG 12.5).

Sustainable business operations /Impact on people and planet

Climate change affects all countries on all continents. Without intervention, the temperature on earth is likely to rise by more than 3 degrees Celsius this century.

Stedin Group conforms to international climate objectives. Through sustainable innovations, Stedin Group contributes to technologies and systems that combat climate change and to facilitating the energy transition (SDG 13.1).

Sustainable business operations, Facilitating the energy transition / Impact on people and planet