The energy transition is gaining momentum. Use of our energy grid is increasing. At the same time, we are facing several other challenges, such as shortages in the labour market and problems with the supply of raw materials and commodities. This has encouraged us to adopt a smart and balanced approach that is both energetic and innovative.

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What comes first: the means or the objective? That was a fundamental question for us when writing our new ...

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As a grid manager of gas and electricity grids, we are responsible for providing critical infrastructure. With over 5,000 colleagues, we invest in the energy transition and maintain the quality of our ...


Our task is to create sufficient grid capacity, so that our customers always have access to energy. In this section, we describe the results in relation to our three strategic spearheads and the ...


In this section, we describe the governance roles within Stedin Group. The Dutch Corporate Governance Code is an important document for Stedin, regulating matters such as the relationship between ...

Report of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board hereby presents the 2022 annual report and financial statements of Stedin Holding N.V., as prepared by the Board of Management.

2022 Financial Statements

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