Annual summary for 2022

1st quarter

6 January - Due to a major power failure in Spijkenisse, caused by fire, nearly 17,000 customers are left without electricity.

7 February - Of the four people involved in a major gas accident in Zoetermeer, three are seriously injured.

24 February - The first home in Stad aan ’t Haringvliet is fitted with hydrogen-powered heating.

31 March - Stedin launches a ‘flex challenge’ encouraging companies to use their electricity consumption and generation capacity in flexible ways.

2nd quarter

5 April - Stedin publishes its investment plan. In the 2022-2024 period we will continue our large-scale investments in the expansion, maintenance and reinforcement of our electricity and gas grids.

23 May- Stedin Group successfully issues a green bond for the third time. The €500 million raised is allocated to investments in the electricity grid required to enable the energy transition.

25 May - The regulator, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), publishes the new code for congestion management. This enables Stedin to optimise the way it uses the electricity grid in areas with capacity shortages.

3rd quarter

7 July- Stedin announces its intention to only connect battery operators that are willing to help prevent congestion issues on the electricity grid.

21 July - 170 pupils of Stedin’s in-house training school obtain their senior secondary vocational education (MBO) diploma.

20 September - The central government sets aside €500 million for strengthening Stedin Group’s equity. This is an important step.

4th quarter

20 October - Stedin, Dunea and Oasen intensify their collaboration on joint work underground by signing framework agreements with four building contractors.

17 November - TenneT alerts the ACM about transmission capacity shortage for electricity fed into the high-voltage grid. This also impacts heavy-use customers in Stedin’s service area.

25 November - Grid manager Stedin, sustainable energy cooperative Zeeuwind and Gabri Hoek B.V. sign a ‘congestion management contact’, the first of its kind in the Netherlands, for the Noordpolder wind farm.

27 November- The State and grid companies reach a negotiated agreement on the conditions governing a capital contribution. This will enable the State to acquire shares in the future.