Stakeholders and materiality

The challenges associated with the energy transition are not restricted to Stedin Group. As our stakeholders face similar issues, it is important to maintain good contact with them, so as to share ideas and reach solutions together.

In this light, we ask our stakeholders each year to provide input on Stedin Group’s material topics: the topics that are essential for achieving our mission and strategy and are directly related to our control framework and risk management. Our materiality matrix shows how important these topics are to us and to our stakeholders. The priority levels assigned to those material topics by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board shows that the greatest shift can be observed in topic 6, Smart grids, data technology and innovation. While security of supply, affordable and efficient services and customer satisfaction are all extremely important topics for Stedin, it is clear that for maximum performance on those topics we need to prioritise Smart grids.

For more details on how we determine the materiality matrix, see the section titled Supplementary information. The Connectivity Table presents the connection between the material topics, our strategy, risks, KPIs and the Sustainable Development Goals to which we contribute. The section Interaction with our environment focuses on our stakeholders.