Focus areas in 2020

The energy transition, our finances and the challenges in the area of capacitymanagement compel us to adopt a strong focus. Only through focus combined with transitioning together will we manage to complete the work successfully. For this purpose, we will concentrate our activities on four strategic initiatives in 2020.

The four strategic initiatives:

1. System operator

Supplying energy to clients requires predicting and managing energy streams. Given the continually growing share of solar power and wind energy, this process is becoming more and more difficult. Increasingly, we are becoming a ‘system operator’ that considers energy streams at a system level; for instance, with regard to congestion. This approach to grid management is completely different from the one to which Stedin is accustomed. In addition, this shift entails consequences for existing and new roles in the market. An example is TenneT, which currently acts as system operator at the national level.

‘The role of system operator is necessary because grid management is increasingly turning into capacity management.’

Resolving congestion, for instance, can be accelerated by interacting with the environment: influencing production and use. None of these options are possible without good internal and external information flows for analysis and prediction on the one hand and for managing capacity on the other. We need to adapt our organisation, processes, information flows and applications accordingly in 2020.

2. Customer-oriented connections

In 2019, we worked with this initiative on the organisational set-up of product lines. We will take this initiative a step further in 2020 and utilise the results achieved in 2019 within the areas of digitalisation and data management. While data management plays a crucial role in enabling continual improvement, digitalisation allows us to do our work more quickly, efficiently and cheaply with shorter lead times, higher customer satisfaction and lower costs.

3. Multidisciplinary

How can we minimise the inconvenience that our customers experience in connection with our activities? Opening up the street once instead of several times is the aim of the ‘Multidisciplinary’ programme.

We want to plan and combine underground activities for gas as well as electricity with activities relating to water and media, possibly supplemented by heat and sewerage. We will apply this working method throughout the Stedin service area, focusing initially on collaborating with the drinking water companies. This method produces significant savings.

4. Sustainable energy transition

We will continue to engage in dialogue, coordinated by municipalities and provinces, during the 2019–2021 period. Making sure that our talks are with the right people and on the right topics will allow us to improve insight into the consequences of choices, provide substantiated advice as well as influence decision-making. Based on this initiative, we will continue to build on and expand the range of the skills, products as well as services required for this purpose in 2020.

‘As the sustainable energy transition initiative is a driver of activities, results are directly embedded in the business operations.’