Performance in other areas

As well as focusing on construction, utilisation and management, we pursue a number of other goals and have set the parameters needed to properly implement our strategy and serve our customers. For instance, whether we like it or not, building work on the grid will always cause inconvenience for our customers and interruptions.

We therefore provide excellent service to our customers in order to keep this inconvenience to a minimum. We do this by meeting our commitments, applying chain-based working in our organisation and minimising inconvenience in the field through proper cooperation with other parties.

An optimally working and digital energy grid is essential for market parties. In this context, reliable data on our grids is important, both for the market parties and for us. By increasing data quality, we ensure that market parties will have the right data for our customers and we help them to optimally utilise the grid (such as by offering data-driven flexibility solutions).

When we look at the energy system of the future, we see a second life for our gas pipelines that will enable us to transmit sustainable gases. We are already making the appropriate preparations. Heat grids, too, may contribute to better utilisation of our energy grid. As a company, we ensure that we perform our task of construction, utilisation and management of the grid as sustainably as possible and provide insight into the (social) impact we have as a company. This means that we are mindful of sustainability and of enhancing the sustainability of our operations.