We maximise the use of our grids: utilisation

Everyone has a role to play in the new energy system: national and regional politicians, consumers, business and industry. We all need to use energy in a different way. By making optimal use of current grid capacity, we are creating space on the grid to meet growing customer demand. Together with customers and stakeholders, we try to find solutions to reduce or prevent (temporary) capacity bottlenecks on our grid. For example, by utilising the possibilities of our customers for flexibility in their energy feed-in and consumption. In 2023, we concluded the first flexibility contracts to this end.




Result for 2022

Target for 2023

Result for 2023

Target for 2024

Optimal utilisation

Capacity covered by flexible contracts (MW)

The total capacity in MW of customers who offer operational flexibility and have concluded a bilateral contract with Stedin.






Digitally metered MV substations (# cumulative)*

Number of MV substations equipped with a digital metering device that is connected to and communicates with the central environment.






  1. * When this KPI was introduced in 2023, it was expressed in numbers. The target for 2024 is expressed in %, with the aim to eventually reach 100% by 2031.

In 2023, activities relating to optimal utilisation of our grid focused on predicting customer demand as accurately as possible and improving insight into, monitoring of and control of our grid, developing and using technical solutions, flexibility solutions and behavioural solutions to maximise the use of the available capacity, and implementing, improving and enabling scalability of our congestion management processes.