What have we learnt

This was another momentous year, but above all, 2021 was a year in which we again learnt a great deal on the way to realising our strategy.

Improved grid management

We are continuously working to improve our service offering for customers. A key initiative that we progressed in 2021 was the customer-focused supply chain organisation. The greater emphasis on supply chain-based working results in a more central role for the customer, enables a better balance to be achieved between supply and demand and allows us to work more efficiently. Although we can already see a positive impact on our objectives in terms of customer convenience and efficiency, we are only just beginning to implement this chain structure. It will be taken further as a strategic initiative in 2022. Cooperation is becoming increasingly important in other areas too, such as staffing capacity. Instead of fishing from the same pond, we are working more closely with contractors and other grid managers to train and retain technical staff. There is scope for intensifying this cooperation.

Facilitating the energy transition

In 2021, we took part in various studies that provide greater insight into this undertaking, including the ‘Systeemstudie Energie-infrastructuur Zuid-Holland’ (South Holland Energy Structure System Study) and the ‘Integrale infrastructuurverkenning 2030-2050 (II3050)’ (Integral Infrastructure Survey. They show that the task is not becoming any less, but rather increasingly more challenging and extensive. For that reason, there arose a much stronger focus in 2021 on what we can actually influence as a company. Whereas in previous years we wanted to do everything at the same time and everything was equally important,

we now have clear prioritisation. Grid quantification is top of the list. Together with the predictability of customer demand, this constitutes the basis for ensuring that the grid remains in balance. Alongside this, cooperation with municipal authorities and other market parties is increasingly important for discussing, addressing, making transparent and communicating situations with regard to shortage of transmission capacity.

Sustainable business operations

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to have an impact on our business operations in 2021. Together, we quickly adapted to the changing, hybrid way of working, and 50% of office staff now work from home. At the same time, the integration with DNWG is progressing smoothly, and we are getting increasingly better at finding our way together, although this naturally also has an impact on how we collaborate. These changes also place demands on the management skills and actions of our people. We can observe that leadership is effective when it comes to unifying relations inside and outside the organisation and the commitment of our people. However, the theme ‘forward’ is seen as a point for attention. Highlighted are setting clear expectations, giving feedback and realising potential. This will be a topic of dialogue between us and a focal point going forward.