We faced a number of challenges in 2021, not just in dealing with COVID-19, but also in facilitating the energy transition and its financing. The way in which we are working on this and the excellent results we are achieving show that we are resilient and that we are looking towards the future. We continue to work ceaselessly towards our goals and to move forward, as people and as an organisation. Read the interviews with our stakeholders here.

Executive Board


‘Why is this taking so long?’, a resident complained to one of our fitters who was replacing the old jute wiring in the ...

2021 in a nutshell

Annual summary

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We already made a selection of the highlights from the annual report.

Value creation as a basis

About us


As a grid manager of gas and electricity grids, we are responsible for providing a critical infrastructure. With just under 5,000 colleagues, we are faced with the task of investing in the energy ...


Together with our partners, we ensure the provision of a vital network. In this section, we describe the results in relation to our three strategic spearheads and the underlying material topics: ...


In this section, we describe the governance roles within Stedin Group. The Dutch Corporate Governance Code is an important document for Stedin, regulating matters such as the relationship between ...

Report of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board hereby presents the 2020 annual report and financial statements of Stedin Holding N.V., as prepared by the Board of Management.

Financial Statements

These financial statements present the financial information of Stedin Holding N.V. for the full year 2021, with comparative figures for 2020.

Resiliently forward

Read the double interviews with our stakeholders here.

This is a translation of the Dutch annual report 2021 of Stedin Group and is not the version prepared in accordance with ESEF requirements as formulated by the European Commission in the Regulatory Technical Standards for ESEF. The ESEF report is available at In case of any discrepancy, the ESEF report shall prevail.