Focus areas in 2022

We are committed in 2022 to following through on our three strategic spearheads. The challenges facing us compel us to make decisive choices. These choices are necessary to continue moving resiliently forward in the coming years as well. In 2022, the foundation will also be laid for a new strategy for Stedin Group for the period 2023-2027. We are in dialogue about this with our stakeholders and are developing a strategy that addresses the main challenges.

Improved grid management

In 2022 also, we will pay close attention to ways of becoming more customer-oriented and efficient in our work. Greater emphasis on chain-based working, digitalisation of our work and reaffirming the core importance of customer convenience ensure that we work more efficiently and make it easier for customers to transact with us. The strategic initiative ‘Customer-oriented chain organisation’ focuses on chain management: improved internal and external cooperation to enhance the efficiency and speed of the processes within a chain. In 2022, the focus will be specifically on the chain where we see the biggest challenge: the Business Project chain. We face increasing work volumes in this chain. This includes challenging projects that we need to carry out effectively and efficiently in partnership with customers and municipalities to ensure the energy grid now and into the future. In concrete terms, this focus means: developing cooperation with water companies (multidisciplinary), sharing work with contractors in the most efficient way (reallocation in the chain) and, finally, professionalisation of project management. This is not done alone, but with our partners throughout the chain, including municipalities and contractors.

Facilitating the energy transition

In 2022, we will accelerate our development towards a system operator. Only in that way can we predict, plan and control the energy flowing through the grids in a smart and digital manner and in constant consultation with customers and market parties. We are also making better use of the capacity of the energy grid, so that the grid remains in balance and our customers can continue to rely

on the energy supply. We are enhancing our forecasting ability by improving and modernising our geographical information system and operating assets register, while also installing new sensors in our medium-voltage stations. We are mastering important new skills, such as quantifying grids in all timescales and predicting customer demand. This gives us greater real-time insight into the energy flowing through our grids and allows us to control this energy flow as well as, where possible, apply flexibility instruments, together with market parties, to make optimal use of capacity. Mutual knowledge sharing is an important factor for optimum decision-making in this respect. For example, by agreeing on coordinated transition planning with municipalities and partners for Regional Energy Strategies, Transition Visions for Heat, Energy Strategies Clusters and the Regional Agenda for Charging Infrastructure. Or by working with large sustainable energy generators in ensuring that we make optimal use of grid capacity during periods of congestion. We are working with strategic partners to develop essential innovations. Close cooperation between the national and regional grid managers allows us to learn from one another about shared challenges and enables us to accelerate our actions.

Sustainable business operations

Safety in our work and our environment is crucial. Through the existing programmes, we will continue our strong safety culture in 2022 as before. Furthermore, there will be an increasing focus on cybersecurity, in the light of the constantly growing digitalisation of our infrastructure. Another key element of sustainable business operations is a future-oriented organisation, in which we have the right people and skills to facilitate the energy transition. In 2022, we will continue to deploy our strategic personnel plan on developing our understanding of the necessary roles and skills. We will also concentrate on our career policies (staff influx, advancement and exit) and focus in the area of leadership on the cultural value ‘forward’. Sustainable business operations also means ensuring that societal costs and benefits remain in balance. We will advance our efficiency programme in 2022. Financing remains an important topic, with regard to both raising loan capital and equity.