More than 2.3 million private and business customers rely on Stedin Group for their energy supply, day and night. We are proud of our grids’ supply reliability of 99.9964%.

Stedin Group in the energy supply chain

The electricity and gas grids are a key link in the energy system. Stedin and Enduris, the grid managers within Stedin Group, are responsible for the regional distribution of electricity and gas. We work with other parties forming part of the energy supply chain: the producers of electricity and gas, TenneT and Gasunie with their responsibility for the national distribution of electricity and gas, our suppliers, the other regional grid managers and the organisations that monitor the reliability, affordability, safety and sustainability of our energy supply.

Our customers are also increasingly generating sustainable energy themselves, which they return to our electricity grid. As a result,

we are all part of a far-reaching societal shift to a clean economy based on renewable sources.

Stedin Group is a public organisation whose shares are held by 44 municipalities. Together with our shareholders and other stakeholders, we are working to achieve the energy transition. Stedin Group operates and has its registered office in the Netherlands. We carry out regulated activities as a grid manager, and we also perform a number of non-regulated activities closely related to the energy infrastructure as a group. Our head office is located at Blaak 8, 3011 TA in Rotterdam.

Our service area

We manage and maintain the energy grids in a large part of the Randstad conurbation as well as the provinces of Utrecht and Zeeland. Our service area is home to roughly 5.5 million people and covers three of the four largest cities in the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Zeeland, as well as large industrial and greenhouse horticulture regions. Parts of the provinces of North Holland and Friesland also fall within this area.